See why DeSoto 360 HD and Google Business View tours are simply better than others.

Desoto360toursDeSoto 360 HD Tours are here…

Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Hyatt and many other hotels and resorts are using HD Tours to help promote them online. Nothing puts “butts in beds,” and makes hotels’ cash registers ring more than HD Tours.

Our Tours vs. others

DeSoto 360 is a much better choice over RealTourVision, Obeo and Circlepix. Why? Because we offer HD tours and also iPhone and iPad tours. These firms don’t.

8-Track tape stereos used to be hot. But not today. Marketing your business, hotel or real estate requires reaching prospects through the new wireless devices and Smartphones.

If your virtual tours are still stuck in the 1990’s…
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DeSoto 360 HD Tours. iPad + iPhone Ready.

If you haven’t noticed, about 28% of your web traffic is coming to you from people with iPhones, iPads and SmartPhones. In late July the HD tours we offer will be iPad and iPhone savvy. Sign up now and enjoy savings on all of our HD tours before the rates go up.


photographerAbout Mid-South 360 HD Virtual Tours

 I have been involved in Advertising production for 27 years and I am very passionate about what I do. I’ve been blessed, being able to follow my dreams.

Desoto360Tours HD Virtual Tours will now be offering the very latest that technology has to offer.

360 virtual tours in HD format will provide our clients, a new and exciting way to showcase their businesses.

These virtual tours can be web based, playing back in full screen mode